Kiddie: $3.50
Single: $4.50
Double: $5.50
Triple: $6.75
Ice Cream Sundae: $7.50

Our Ice Cream

Keeping our store small but our dreams big.  

Our small size means we give our customers the absolute freshest ice cream.  That Cinnamon Roll ice cream?  You can bet those cinnamon rolls are the best you will ever have in ice cream because chances are they were made a day earlier.

We promise to make ice cream with premium ingredients, expert care, a passion for creativity and a respect for tradition.

We are a small business and we love to support other local businesses for many of our ingredients.  We feel passionate about promoting local business and hope you do too.




Our Waffles

"The Liege waffle ... is made with a dough similar to that of brioche. Pearl sugar, which basically looks like regular sugar on steroids, is mixed into the dough; when cooked on the iron, the pearls melt and caramelize forming big bites of crisp, browned sugar.


It’s a denser, sweeter, chewier waffle that can make the world feel right again on the dreariest of days."

-Julie Thomson, The Huffington Post